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Virtual Landscaping

Photo-Realistic 3D Landscape Design Service

Turf's state-of-the-art technology can provide virtual images that project the finished look and appearance of their project while in discussion stages. Using photographs submitted by e-mail or on disc, Turf's landscaping designers can apply any landscaping concept, design and look to the photographs making decisions much easier and convenient.

This new software technology allows Turf's designers to provide a preview of a developing concept for a specific area or an entire property. Another benefit of this new service is that it creates a clear design concept for other trade professionals who my be involved with the project. By seeing the proposed project image in virtual form, wasted resources can be avoided. For the below fees we can provide you with a photo rendering of what your property could potentially look like.

It's so easy

Simply submit digital photographs of the area to be landscaped as follows:

  • One picture of the exact site view to be landscaped
  • One picture of the entire area overview with the site to be landscaped included in the view
  • Newly constructed houses lacking landscape is $75 per view
  • Houses with existing landscaping are $95 per view

Turf's landscaping staff will return the photographs with a full virtual landscaping job applied.





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